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Company Profile

Let "every guitar has a reason to become a classic" is the philosophy and standards that we have always adhered to, focusing on the guitar itself, perfectionist detail optimization, and near-paranoid endurance and persistence have quickly become famous in China in recent years The biggest reason to rise.

After visiting and studying the craftsmanship and making experience of many foreign handmade pianos, we have introduced and borrowed the essence of foreign famous pianos, the five-piece technique of the neck of Germany, the neck adjustment technology of Australia, and the V reinforcement of a large number of famous pianos. the design of...

In this process, we have made a lot of innovations and improvements of our own. The built-in manual mouth wheel, ultra-low shank design, and Taiwan customized high-precision anti-counterfeiting pegs have also driven Santos Rosewood in high-end piano making. The widespread popularity of ... all these innumerable intentional productions directly prove Yusheng's great efforts.

All along, for us, innovation is not about the pursuit of the latest, but going back to the guitar itself and thinking about what is most important for the guitar. I hope that each of my products has its own unique value and meaning of existence. It is precisely because of the repeated thinking and meticulous crafting of such details that it has achieved today's success, so that every guitar has The possibility of becoming a classic.

Team Introduction

Time is the most extravagant cost of a guitar brand, and it takes a lot of time and energy to develop a good guitar, and many guitar lovers have a deep understanding of this. We have been optimizing, never stopped, facing time Suffering from costs and costs, the requirements for guitars are still as firm as ever. As long as you have experienced Yusheng guitar, you will be impressed by the many intentions and super high value of Yusheng guitar, and all these have formed today’s excellent reputation. .


The so-called craftsman's heart lies in focusing on the details that can be seen and the details that are not visible. Yusheng firmly believes that when people do things with the heart of a craftsman, every piano that comes out is a work of heart. Incorporating the personality charm of the creator, let you feel the process of sublimation of this guitar in your hands.

Company Culture

Music comes from life

Music, afternoon tea, and enjoying the afternoon sun may be the most comfortable life. Quietly, sitting in front of the window, sipping a sip of coffee. Turn on the music, or grab a guitar, play your favorite melody, and enjoy the ordinary. Suddenly I felt very relaxed, as if a heavy burden had been removed from his shoulders. Even if you do nothing, close your eyes and listen, even breathing is a song.


We have been committed to creating not only guitars, but even music platforms and spaces beyond guitars. Let you and I who love music and life have a communication. Coffee and guitar, drink beer and talk big words, sing an old song, talk freely.


Music life is born from such a thought. After work, we sing the music we love, play the guitar we love, and talk about our different dreams. Assemble a small band, two guitars, and an African drum. Maybe you can go wandering easily together.

Music exists naturally, because it never leaves our lives.



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